Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It was bound to happen.

First, comes the event, the proclamation, the out of left field happening which rivets the attention.

Then - especially, if the event, or the proclamation, or the left-field zinger in anyway requires the
attention of the law, soon the magnitude of the attention of the law will overtake, indeed overwhelm
the significance of the event, or the proclamation or the left-field zinger.

And here it is, deja vu all over again.

Occupy Wall Street, a good idea if ever there was one, seems to have disappeared, slowly, like a mirage,
or the grinning cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, and in it's place, we have, "Occupy -fill in the blank for a town - attacked by out of control, seething, panting cops wreaking havoc with their batons and spray, and,

And then, of course, the protagonists, the makers of the event, or the proclamation or perhaps, victims of a
left field zinger, forget just why it was they came all the way to the front of the attention of the world, and
spend all of their time belly aching about the real and imagined transgressions of law enforcement agencies
who are seeking to force them to move out, move on....just move!

Add to all of this, the bright, spanking new toy social media toys ie, twitter, facebook, utube, et al -available to all revolutionaries, protesters, demonstrators and "citizen journalists"  around the world  involved in every event,
proclamation, left field zinger, and you have a perfect storm of misinformation meets disinformation, meets didn't study my history in college good enough, meets I don't know how to report and edit raw information, meets oops, I was trying to twitter the local pizza place, and lookie here, I ended up crashing the Pentagon website!  Mi bad.

One of the definitions of "Kafkaesque," is "an existentialist state of mind of ever-elusive freedom while existing
under unmitigable control,"  another definition is "marked by a senseless, disorienting, often menacing
complexity,", still another, suggestive of Kafka himself, is "a nightmarish style of narration, in which characters
lack a clear course of action, the ability to see beyond immediate events, and the possibility of escape.

Forget that reading the various proclamations from Occupy Wall Street headquarters, makes the eyes the
eyes glaze over with all of the lengthy sentences beginning in "They," and that the many lengthy sentences
proclaiming all of the gripes which mankind -legitimately- has against the various "They,"  -that would be banks, corporations, universities, car washes and shoe shops in the entire world who have exercised the kafkaesque
unmitigable control over every person on the planet, yeah, forget that. 

Forget it because it is way too complicated for the average person who to comprehend unless they -there's that "they" again have hours a day to spend away from their job...or the pursuit of a job.

We won't mention all of the "Whereas's" found in all of the follow up, let us say, mini proclomations from
all of the local Occupy Wall Street cells springing up all over the world, and usually yiping about sleeping in
the park after 10pm is a right guaranteed by the U.S. we won't mention those further obfuscations to the kernels of truth packed too tightly within all of the "Theys", and the Whereas's, no
need to...Occupy Wall Street will go away. 

That's right.  Occupy Wall Street will go away.  Wall Street will not go away. 

And when it is all said and done and said and done again in instant replays live streamed right into your ear,
the only thing that will be remembered will be snapshots.

Pepper spray.  A suicide in Oakland.  Midnight evacuation of a crowded park.  Mass arrests, if you count seventy people being detained for a few hours as a mass arrrest.

The same thing will happen to Occupy Wall Street that has happened to The War on Drugs. 

They have both become meaningless abstractions of situations which require the strength and courage
to face the real issues lying beneath all of the proclamations and events and intentional distortions of reality by
anonymous bureaucrats.

It's Kafkaesque!

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